“Outgrowing Addiction is a book of hope, and of the liberation that awaits those willing to abandon powerful but bankrupt ideologies in favor of reason, science and clear-eyed self-reflection.”

—Ethan Nadelmann, Ph.D., J.D.
Founding Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance

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America’s drug scourge continues unabated, even while we pour resources into traditional disease therapy an 12-step programs. This book is about the evidence-based solutions that actually help, with practical information for parents, drug users, helping professionals, and policy-makers.

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The Authors


Stanton Peele Ph.D., J.D.

Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D., is an addiction expert who has investigated, written about, and treated addiction over five decades. He was recognized in The
Atlantic as one of “10 people who are revolutionizing how we study addiction and recovery.” Stanton has identified that addiction isn’t limited to drugs, and was among the first to describe natural recovery.

Along with his 12 previous books and 250 academic and popular articles, he has created the Life Process Program, an online coaching recovery program used around the world.


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Zach Rhoads

Zach Rhoads is a consultant for school children who encounter life problems—along with families and teachers who are stymied by their failures to reach these children.

Zach developed this empathy as a child who wasn’t successful at school. Moreover, in his 20s he developed a heroin addiction, which—after several years and a near-death experience—he left behind.

Zach is a Life Process Program coach and family systems developer.



Praise For Outgrowing Addiction

“The idea that addiction develops isn’t new. What is unique and remarkable about this book is the authors’ attention to the complexity of that process. Their nuanced model, backed up by rich biographical vignettes as well as clear, reliable data, is especially sensitive to the interplay of developmental timing (stages of development) and the massive impacts of the social environment— both spawning addiction and ultimately helping to overcome it. Peele and Rhoads skillfully refute the faulty (but fashionable) conclusion that addiction is a brain disease.

Instead, their view of addiction as a turbulent but natural stage of need fulfillment allows us to replace the bogey man of chronic illness with an emphasis on empowerment, determination, and personal growth.

A truly comprehensive and masterful work.”

—Marc Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus,
University of Toronto;
author of Memoirs of an Addicted Brain
and Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is Not a Disease


“For decades, Stanton Peele has been one of the leading voices in revising our views of addiction, drug education and drug policy. His new book with Zach Rhoads, Outgrowing Addiction, continues and extends this pioneering work to children and stakeholders in child well-being. It is a godsend for anyone seeking a solution to the opioids crisis.”

— Carl Hart, Ph.D.
Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology, Chair
of Department of Psychology, Columbia University; author, High Price

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